Abbey Mayhead

Business Support Assistant
Wellington office

Driven and with limitless energy, Abbey thrives in our busy Business Support team, providing our consultants with what they need to do their best work

Abbey is one of our Business Support Assistants, with a particular focus on marketing. It’s always busy in the Business Support team, and that suits Abbey – she loves working in places with a great team culture and a friendly, energetic vibe, where people are mutually supportive and willing to do what's needed to get the work done.

Originally from Taranaki, Abbey moved to the UK in 2017. There she worked as Senior Administrator-Receptionist for the Staff Counselling Centre at Cambridge University, an institution that at more than 800 years old gives a new depth of meaning to the phrase “old school”. Abbey has some interesting stories to tell about the old tunnels under the university and what they were once used for.

Abbey returned to Aotearoa in 2021 and joined our firm. She likes the pace and the variety of the work, and she gets a lot of satisfaction out of helping colleagues achieve what they need to do.

Outside of work Abbey loves travelling, including exploring new places and new wines.