Jessica Fifita

Business Support Officer
Auckland Office

Cool and upbeat under pressure, Jessica brings sharp organisational skills to her Business Support role, helping our consultants provide the best for our clients.

As the Business Support Officer in our Auckland office, Jessica brings a rich background and a warm, positive vibe to MartinJenkins’ workplace culture. A Tongan-born Kiwi, Jessica is a confident speaker of her mother tongue, and she also speaks and writes fluent French.

Jessica learned her strong organisational and management skills the hard way, through co-managing a demanding family business, and she is also currently completing a Masters in Business Management – so she knows both the coalface and the theory. Her time in the hospitality industry has also given her a close understanding of customer service demands.

Jessica sees her personal and professional strengths as lying in the four golden themes that are the pillars of a Tongan's walk in life: anga faka'apa'apa – respect for others; anga fakatōkilalo / loto tō – humility and openness to learning; tauhi vaha'a – keeping relationships alive and well; and mamahi'i me'a – loyalty and a passion in life.