Nisha Deswal

Business Support Senior Assistant – Business Improvement / IT
Wellington Office

An experienced IT professional, Nisha prides herself on being thorough and getting things right the first time

Nisha’s specialist focus within our Business Support team is IT and business improvement. She works to ensure our people always have the IT access and support they need, and she supports the firm to develop better, more efficient business processes that help us effectively manage knowledge assets.

A perfectionist, Nisha prides herself on getting things right the first time. Thorough and always with a sharp eye for the details, she makes sure she leaves no loose ends that might trip up others. She loves learning new things, and putting what she’s learned into action on a daily basis.

Nisha is calm and unflappable, and an excellent problem-solver under pressure – a valuable strength in business support roles. She gets a lot of satisfaction from helping her colleagues and supporting them to do their jobs successfully.

Nisha has a Masters in Computer Science. Before joining MartinJenkins in 2020 she had been working in IT administration and training for five years.