Shaynie Jones

Executive Assistant/Board Support
Wellington Office

Efficient and methodical, Shaynie’s also a people person – she has a good sense of the kinds of human interactions that go into making administrative processes work smoothly

Shaynie provides one-on-one EA support for our Managing Director and General Manager, and administrative support for our Board of Directors. With an eagle eye for detail, Shaynie works pro-actively, trying to anticipate our Board’s needs before they happen.

Shaynie joined MartinJenkins in early 2018, bringing immense experience in executive support, business administration, and project coordination, across both private and government business, and both locally and abroad. Shaynie’s background includes health technology and administration – after training in Anaesthetic Technology, she worked in theatre across all specialities for Capital Coast DHB, and then went on to coordinate the DHB’s MRI/Nuclear Medicine with Pacific Radiology in Wellington.

Usually with several ever-changing projects on the go, Shaynie enjoys being exposed to new chances to learn and problem-solve.