All-of-Government Consultancy

MartinJenkins is a registered provider of All-of-Government (AoG) Consultancy Services, in these Business and Finance subcategories:

  • Business Change (Tier 1, since December 2016)
  • Human Resource (Tier 1, since December 2016)
  • Operations Management and Risk (Tier 1, since December 2016)
  • Policy, Research and Development (Tier 1, since December 2016)
  • Finance and Economics (Tier 1, since October 2017)
  • Assurance (Tier 3, since November 2015).

Our services in the subcategories running since November 2015 are described below.

For more information about All-of-Government contracts in general, see the MBIE website.

For more information about the Business and Finance tranche of the All-of-Government Consultancy Services scheme, see the MBIE website.


MartinJenkins’ strength in finance and economic services is underpinned by the deep experience that our consultants have of public sector financial management, and financial and economic analysis.

Our advice is regularly sought for financial and economic issues that are complex, have challenging organisational, policy or regulatory dimensions, have high profile in the public domain and require innovative solutions.

This depth of expertise is reflected in the broad range of services that we provide under this heading:

  1. Appraisal of investment proposals including the development and review of business cases using the Better Business Cases methodology and cost–benefit and cost-effectiveness analysis 
  2. Economic analysis and modelling including value-for-money analysis, economic impact analysis and pricing/costing analysis 
  3. Financial strategy including funding frameworks and cost recovery/fees reviews, financial analysis and modelling, and balance sheet reviews 
  4. Project financial management including budgeting, variance analysis and output costing 
  5. Private–public partnerships including economic and financial modelling, risk and sensitivity analysis and risk sharing analysis 
  6. Public sector financial management including management of Budget processes, four-year plans, baseline reviews and Budget initiative development and bids 
  7. Economic development including quantitative and qualitative research on sector / industry / regional economic performance, economic strategy development, regional growth studies and programme design.


Our approach to providing assurance services draws on the multiple disciplines and lines of service within MartinJenkins. For example, in addition to financial and economic lenses, our assurance services will typically also involve staff who are specialists in the areas of organisational strategy, business and process improvement, HR, policy, and evaluation and research. The benefit that this brings to our clients is assurance advice that is comprehensive and based on multiple perspectives.

In the assurance sub-category, our services include:

  • financial and economic model reviews and audits 
  • business case reviews 
  • budget bid reviews 
  • value for money reviews 
  • balance sheet reviews.