Richard Tait

Specialising in strategy and organisational change, Richard helps our clients to define their goals and priorities and to identify practical solutions for lifting their performance.  

Richard’s specialist areas are strategy and organisational performance, review and design. He works with a wide variety of clients to help them define their goals and priorities, understand what is driving their performance, and identify practical opportunities and solutions for lifting performance. Richard is known for his ability to quickly understand each client’s specific context, to identify the issues, and to communicate problems and solutions in an accessible way.  

Before joining MartinJenkins in 2007, Richard worked in the private sector as a lawyer and then as a policy advisor and internal strategy consultant for a large government department. As well as advising MartinJenkins’ clients on organisational review and design, Richard’s expertise includes strategic planning and systems thinking. As a performance specialist, he helps our clients use information more effectively so that they ask the right questions and find the right solutions for improving performance.

Examples of Richard’s recent work include:

  • advising on the implementation of a large shared-services transformation across the health sector

  • strategy and design advice for the integration of the Department of Internal Affairs, the National Library and Archives New Zealand

  • developing a strategy for the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment for avoiding exploitation of migrants

  • advising the Ministry of Primary Industries on outcomes and performance-monitoring frameworks.

Project Examples