Aimee van Barneveld

Senior Consultant
Wellington Office

Aimee specialises in implementing change within operational teams. She has an in-depth understanding of the balance and interaction between strategy, processes, systems and people.

Aimee has deep expertise gained in multiple roles within change transformation programmes. She has a strong operational background, including in business development.

Aimee’s experience in both the public and private sector enables her to quickly identify and understand challenges and objectives. She works with clients to help them add value to their organisation’s work – her key focus is on meaningful collaboration to find the right solution.

Examples of recent work:

  • Providing programme management and change management expertise for a programme of work to implement a regulatory strategy, including mentoring and support for two staff members. Aimee worked with operational and policy teams to implement and manage changes involved with the new strategy.

  • Supporting a team to design an operational system to implement a new strategy in an organisation’s policy, strategic and operational areas. This included working through detailed business processes and the interactions between business units.

  • Working with key team members to help them develop a work programme to implement a nationally consistent approach to running services. This included developing a quality management framework (using ISO:9001) and a roadmap for implementing the framework.

  • Leading a team to enable a government department to refocus their funding programme to be in line with changes to government direction. Aimee helped the team develop operational policy, documentation, decision-making documents and implementation plans to support the changes for the operational team.

  • Supporting an agency with a review of an advisory council in a changing political landscape, including looking at multiple options and recommendations for the council’s future role and function.


Aimee is experienced in a range of business improvement methodologies, including LeanSixSigma. She also has a certificate in Design Thinking (IDEO) and is a certified Agile Project Manager (ALC).

She is familiar with the ISO quality management framework (ISO:9001) and has completed multiple projects using this framework.