Alison Stringer

Senior Consultant
Wellington Office

Alison is a public policy, evaluation and data analytics specialist – she brings innovative approaches to quantitative data and analytics to help clients navigate and transform complex systems

Alison specialises in bringing together the different disciplines of machinery of government, policy, operations, innovation, data science, insights, and technology implementation.

From her background in science to her recent work leading innovation in policy, data and analytics across government, Alison brings deep experience in understanding, navigating and transforming complex systems. She has had proven success in designing and successfully delivering complex projects.

A trusted adviser, Alison is skilled in engaging and communicating with senior government officials, technical data practitioners and industry groups. She has a strong talent for bringing diverse stakeholders along through written communications, public speaking and workshops.

Examples of Alison's recent experience

  • At Statistics New Zealand, she developed the operating and business model for a new Data and Analytics Consultancy – this has already successfully delivered performance management and data management advisory services for seven government agencies.

  • With the Ministry for Culture and Heritage, she developed the performance framework and indicators for cultural reach, which supported the case for change in the reporting and data frameworks for the 15 culture and heritage agencies, including the Ministry itself.

  • At the Ministry for the Environment, Alison led the design, establishment and day-to-day operations of the Data Stewardship for Insights Team, as well as a Linked Open Real-time Data Proof of Concept, funded by the Better Public Services Seed Fund.

  • With the Harvard Kennedy School she co-developed and facilitated the Global Community Bio Fellows Programme, based on Marshall Gantz’s previous work – a global leadership programme with participants from 36 countries.

  • As a co-founder of the GreenSpark Innovation Platform she led the development of an innovation support model for New Zealand’s budding Environmental Goods and Services sector.


Alison has degrees in plant and microbial science from Otago University, and she completed graduate studies in Dr Ian Hall’s Edible Ecomycorrhizal Fungi Group, aka ‘The Truffle Lab’.

Her studies since then have included courses from the Harvard Negotiation Project, Trusted Advisor training, Coaching for Performance, and an array of Plain English and project management courses.