Frank Quin

Wellington office

Frank is passionate about finding innovative ways to support a more equitable and sustainable future for New Zealanders

Frank joined MartinJenkins in 2022 as an analyst. With a background in finance and macro-economics, he brings strong research and data-analysis skills to our team, as well as a well-rounded understanding of the economic climate.

Frank’s driving motivation is the development of the people of Aotearoa. He loves to collaborate on large projects that have the potential to improve wellbeing. Using forecast modelling and economic analysis, he strives to find necessary adjustments to policy and innovative solutions to today’s problems. His key interest areas include employment, environment, and infrastructure.

Outside work, Frank is passionate about sport and cinema. He is an overly excitable Celtics fan involved in a social basketball league, and he tries to keep up with the constant flow of new and exciting films.

Examples of Frank's work

In university Frank developed multiple forecast models, both macro-economic and financial. To illustrate the need for support for the New Zealand tourism industry he created a post-COVID economic model focused on GDP growth after the initial recession.

He also developed a financial business case for a large data centre development in Southland, providing insight into the unique issues New Zealand faces in this area.

Frank’s qualifications

Frank graduated from Victoria University of Wellington with a Bachelor of Commerce in Economics and Finance in 2018. He returned to complete a Master of Business (Professional) in 2022, specialising in Investment Management.