Jessica Black

Wellington office
With a passion for using economic analysis to solve real-world problems, Jessica brings critical thinking and strong research and analytical skills to her work

Jessica joined us in 2019, with an impressive academic record as well as some valuable experience at the New Zealand Treasury.

With a background in research, economics and data analysis, she is experienced at collating and analysing a large range of complex information.

Jessica complements her technical skillset with the ability to confidently and articulately communicate her findings and to collaborate successfully with a wide range of stakeholders.

Jessica is passionate about delivering practical solutions to complex problems. She is able to quickly understand and apply critical thinking to the issues at hand, and she works methodically to ensure evidence-based conclusions are reached.

Recent examples of Jessica’s work

  • Quantifying the economic impacts of a planned Waitomo tourist attraction on the surrounding districts

  • Developing a guide for national human rights institutions in the Pacific on best practices for collecting and analysing data

  • Cleaning and analysing quantitative data from thousands of multilingual surveys conducted as part of an evaluation for UNESCO

  • Carrying out research on practices and initiatives for social procurement and community wealth building in New Zealand and internationally, to inform a workforce development strategy for Porirua

  • Completing a literature review of community engagement practices used by local governments in New Zealand and abroad.

Jessica’s qualifications

Graduating BBus (Economics) from Massey University in 2018, Jessica was a Dean’s Scholar, putting her in the top 2 percent of all those graduating in her year. She was also Massey’s 2018 nominee for the Sir Frank Holmes Prize for her skills in quantitative economics.