Olga Batura

Wellington Office

A skilled policy analyst and experienced researcher with strong academic credentials, Olga has a passion for working at the crossroads where law and regulation meet technology, economics and public policy

Olga is a specialist in legal and policy analysis in the areas of electronic communications, digital economy, competition, space and international trade. She is also an expert in interdisciplinary research, adept at working across fields and disciplines and accommodating different perspectives.

Olga has an impressive academic background. Originally gaining her bachelor’s degree in her native Belarus, she has doctorate qualifications in law from the University of Bremen in Germany, and was until 2016 an associate professor of law at the European Humanities University in Vilnius in Lithuania. Olga’s doctorate focused on universal service in European telecommunications, and this issue of regulation of the private sector for social goals has been a key theme in her more recent work as a full-time consultant.

Before she joined MartinJenkins in 2018, Olga’s intensive consultancy work as a legal expert, policy advisor and researcher for the European Parliament and European Commission centred on the complex intersections between law and technology, law and policy, and law and economics. Technology and its implications fascinates Olga, particularly the challenges each new wave of innovation presents for our regulatory frameworks and institutions.

Olga has a quick, analytical mind and sharp technical expertise, but she also has the soft people-skills needed for successful research. As a researcher and lecturer in academia she taught and worked closely with undergraduate and Masters students, helping them organise their research. More recently, as a consultant, Olga has engaged skilfully with stakeholders on complicated issues. As well as designing and running surveys, this work has typically included direct personal contact through one-on-one interviews and workshops where she presents and moderates discussion.

Examples of Olga's work include:

  • Studying the illegal trade in cultural goods in the EU and developing policy recommendations for the European Commission

  • Providing input, as part of the core analytical team, for the impact assessment accompanying the EU’s review of its regulatory framework for electronic communications – the review was the basis for the newly proposed European Electronic Communications Code

  • Examining business models and relations between online platforms and their business users, as part of the core team supporting the EC in developing a legal framework for these new platforms

  • Examining financing models for the deployment of broadband networks in the EU, and their impact on competition on the market

  • Developing policy recommendations for the European Parliament to address the challenges of the digitised economy for EU competition policy and law.