Robin Veenis

A skilled analyst, researcher and a specialist in organisational psychology, Robin brings curiosity, energy and broad knowledge to his work

Robin joined us in 2019, bringing strong expertise in research and organisational psychology, earned through his experience at a Wellington-based leadership development firm and through his MSc in positive organisational psychology.

Robin has an engaging interpersonal style and is particularly interested in positive organisational behaviour and team dynamics. Robin is also a natural coach – he enjoys helping others succeed and encourages them to reach even greater heights.

Robin is passionate about using the scientific method in business. Having seen the impact when decisions are made using cherry-picked evidence, he focuses on tackling problems methodically until he reaches an evidence-based conclusion that is clear and insightful.
Robin is also skilled in presenting his analysis and conclusions in concise written reports that resonate with the reader.

Examples of Robin’s work

  • Designing and building psychological reports using data from personality assessments, including selection reports, 360 degree feedback reports, and dyad relationship reports

  • Developing a Change Survey after reviewing the literature

  • Facilitating feedback conversations with clients

  • Researching the effect on team performance of team members who go out of their way to motivate others, strengthen team relationships, and pick others up when they are down.

Robin gained his Masters in psychology from the Erasmus University of Rotterdam in his native Netherlands.