Sarah Chen

Data Science Consultant
Wellington office

Sarah has proven experience in data-centric product development – all the way from building the underlying extract-transform-load (ETL) processes and data modelling, to creating the final reports for end users

Sarah is passionate about statistical modelling and developing business intelligence data products. She joined us in 2022 from Oranga Tamariki, where she was a Development Analyst in the Organisational Strategy & Performance team. There she was part of a team developing an integrated reporting product for frontline workers and decision makers.

Sarah’s university education was in accounting and data analytics. She combines this formal training with her proven talent for developing client-focussed data products. Sarah has sound knowledge of dimensional data modelling, the relational data model, frequentist inference, and Bayesian inference, and she has experience in coding in SQL, R, DAX, and C#.

Originally from China, Sarah first came to New Zealand in 2016, moving to Wellington in 2021. In her free time, she enjoys badminton, boardgames, photography, and digital painting.

Examples of Sarah’s work

  • She was a core developer on a key data project for Oranga Tamariki – a performance and operations BI reporting application that provides frontline staff and managers with easy access to information from a range of core systems. This greatly improves the ability of staff and managers to understand workflow and maintain best practice.

  • Before that she led a project developing an automatic data assurance tool for WEL Networks, using Microsoft SQL Server and C# to improve validation and accuracy of the billing process. The tool notifies the billing analyst when suspicious data is detected, before the bill is processed, and reports large variations compared with historical trends. Sarah also significantly improved the monthly revenue assurance report in SSRS, to increase productivity and efficiency for the report users.

  • Sarah created BI dashboards for a Māori charitable trust in Hamilton to monitor and analyse revenue and staff performance for management. She also developed a tailored method of cost allocation, which allowed financial reports across all departments to be more accurate.

 Sarah’s qualifications

Sarah has a BA in Business, double majoring in accounting and data analytics, from the University of Waikato.