Paul Clarke

Manager, Consulting
Wellington Office

With his expertise in public policy and public-sector management, Paul enables his clients to make robust critical decisions.

Paul’s expertise is in public policy and public-sector management. He supports clients in aligning their expenditure with government priorities, and he helps them develop the organisational form and capability necessary to keep it aligned.

By leading analysis and ensuring that the requirements of Cabinet decision-making processes are met, Paul enables his clients to make robust critical decisions.

Paul joined MartinJenkins in 2008 after seven years with the Treasury in roles in budget system design, public-sector management, policy development, and budget management.

Paul has provided thought leadership for major policy reforms in areas such as welfare, social housing and accident compensation. He helps organisations develop effective arrangements to implement regulatory policy. He is an experienced policy and project manager.

Examples of Paul’s work include:

  • developing the underlying principles of the investment approach to welfare reform

  • value for money reviews of the Civil Aviation Authority and the Electricity System Operator (Transpower)

  • a better business case for the refugee settlement strategy

  • the review of the machinery of government for managing the Crown Mineral Estate, which led to the establishment of New Zealand Petroleum and Minerals.

Project Examples