Amy Prebble

Associate | Hoa
Wellington Office

Amy has a background as a New Zealand diplomat. She brings extensive experience and high-level expertise in policy and strategy.

Amy has a deep understanding of how policy and strategy are developed. A Cambridge graduate, she is skilled in identifying significant patterns and trends and understanding their implications. She is also adept at making complex ideas accessible to a wide audience.

As a diplomat Amy was posted to Paris and Canberra. As Private Secretary to former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Phil Goff, she advised the Minister on foreign policy and travelled extensively throughout Asia, the Pacific and Europe.

She has worked with a variety of other government and non-government organisations, providing expert advice on many topics – from foreign policy, international development and trade, to regulation, transport, science and research, and the future of work.

Amy has also been a successful entrepreneur.

Examples of Amy’s experience

  • She supported Waka Kotahi the NZ Transport Agency as lead writer of their Regulatory Strategy 2020–2025 Tū ake, tū māia, and of their Regulatory Intervention Framework.

  • She developed a programme business case for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade on MFAT property in the Pacific. Amy also helped develop the NZ Aid Programme’s Strategic Plan 2015-19, which included $1 billion invested in the Pacific region (nearly 60% of total New Zealand aid).

  • For Maritime New Zealand, Amy led the development of a strategy for New Zealand’s engagement with the International Maritime Organisation (IMO).

  • She helped the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment evaluate the International Relationships Fund, and she led the development of assessment criteria for evaluating research schemes

  • After her diplomatic postings to Paris and Canberra, Amy was a senior policy advisor within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, advising on development, foreign policy, and trade issues, including developing NZ Inc Strategies.

  • For her own businesses Getaflex and Worldview, she has written articles, newsletters and social media posts and delivered presentations, for channels including Seven Sharp, PwC Herald Talks and the NZ Herald.