Ben Guernier

Consultant | Kaiwhiriwhiri
Auckland Office

Ben has advised some of New Zealand’s leading organisations, helping them to successfully navigate requirements and achieve their goals

Ben combines his research and analytical skills and his knowledge of the regulatory and policy worlds with a personable approach and close listening. He always makes sure he fully understands the context his clients are grappling with and the objectives they’re working towards. Practical and pragmatic, Ben uses that understanding to then develop approaches and organisational arrangements that work.

Before joining MartinJenkins in 2021, Ben was a lawyer in a large commercial law firm, where he advised some of New Zealand’s leading companies and organisations, often helping them navigate and meet complicated regulatory requirements. He supported his clients in areas such as infrastructure projects, resource management, climate-related policy reform, and local government issues.

Examples of Ben’s work

  • Helping to identify operating model choices to implement a new regulatory system

  • Supporting an independent review of a complex contracting model and supply chain to assess the risk of worker exploitation

  • Helping clients understand and engage with legislative, planning, and policy reform processes – including advising them on the key implications of proposed reforms

  • Researching and reviewing case-law and developing technical and strategic advice to clients on resource management and local government issues

  • Supporting clients in resource management proceedings – this involved working with large project teams and engaging with a range of interested parties.

Ben’s qualifications

Ben has a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Social Sciences with a double major in Economics and Social Policy from the University of Waikato.

He also completed a semester exchange to Maastrict University’s School of Business and Economics in the Netherlands.