Lachlan Campbell

Consultant | Kaiwhiriwhiri
Wellington office

Lachlan is an analytical expert with a wide range of technical skills in data science and data engineering. He has leveraged this knowledge to help transform the digital experience of many government agencies. 

Since joining MartinJenkins, Lachlan has worked with a range of clients to support better modelling, interrogation, and visualisation of their data. This includes working internally with our own firm’s data.

At Otago University, Lachlan covered an array of topics relating to computer science and data science. This includes database management and engineering, statistical regression, data analytics, artificial intelligence, and full stack development. He became fluent in a multitude of programming languages, including Java, SQL, Python, C#, R, DAX, and Power Query.

Lachlan started his career working part-time as a tech consultant while still at university, creating and running workshops on Power BI and the R programming language. He also worked with clients in the healthcare industry, building reports and applications with the Microsoft Power Platform suite.

After graduating, Lachlan joined a graduate programme run by the Department of Internal Affairs. Through the programme he was deployed out for roles in WorkSafe, as part of its digital transformation team, and in Inland Revenue, as part of the service ownership team.

At WorkSafe and IR, Lachan continued developing his technical skills in Power Platform and SQL. Both roles were focussed on enabling the agencies to visualise their data in ways that highlighted bottlenecks and redundancies in their business processes.

Outside work, Lachlan spends time playing enough sports to counteract his science-fiction addiction. These activities include tramping, water skiing, snow skiing, and battling on social futsal teams.

Examples of Lachlan's work

  • Developing a unified data model for a large operational agency – he helped condense multiple ETL processes and competing models into a single source of truth

  • Completely rebuilding MartinJenkins’ own internal data and reporting system – this included building custom code to extract information from our management systems, and developing interactive reporting to support us in managing our own business

  • Automating the roll-out and visualisation of customer experience surveys of physiotherapy clients for healthcare providers

  • Developing database architecture and data transformations for agencies that were moving from paper into a digital environment

  • Creating reports for a government agency to enable it to visualise the usage, cost, and quality of its applications, devices, and offices.

Lachlan's qualifications

Lachlan has a BCom with a major in Information Science and a Bachelor of Applied Science (BAppSc) with a major in Data Science, both from the University of Otago.