Memory Rugube

Consultant | Kaiwhiriwhiri
Auckland Office

Memory's passion lies in providing clients with the data-driven insights they need to promote sustainable economic development for industry and communities 

Memory combines expertise in economic data with a deep passion for supporting her clients to drive economic development and social progress. She helps clients make economic decisions that support communities and promote sustainable growth.  

With more than a decade in economic consulting, Memory has found her niche providing economic impact analyses and cost-benefit evaluations for a wide range of sectors and industries. She analyses economic data, market trends, financial indicators, and socio-economic factors to give clients the insights they need to make better strategic decisions. 

Memory uses economic modelling to uncover the potential consequences of policy changes, mega-infrastructure investments, and business ventures, and to quantify their effects on local, regional, and national economies. 

Colleagues and clients value Memory highly for her exceptional diligence and ultra-safe hands – she’s known for getting things done. At the same time as being an independent, self-driven professional, she also manages to be a natural people-person and networker.  

Memory is intensely dedicated to her own professional self-development. She’s continually looking for further training and education opportunities so that she can always give clients the top-quality, up-to-date expertise they need. 

Memory has international consulting experience. Before joining us in 2023, she worked for a multinational professional services firm in South Africa. Her assignments included both public- and private-sector clients, across a range of fields including renewable energy, construction, health, and banking. 

Outside the office, Memory enjoys reading, walking, and gin tasting. Her daughter is her source of inspiration and joy, and a top priority for Memory is supporting her daughter’s various pursuits, which are currently gymnastics, swimming, and play dates.  

Examples of Memory’s work 

  • Supporting the cost-benefit analysis for proposed changes to the Retirement Village Act – this included quantifying the costs and benefits of several options for the proposed changes 

  • Supporting an understanding of the economic impacts of the Jobs for Nature programme this included identifying a suite of economic, environmental, and wellbeing measures that could be used to assess the programme’s benefits  

  • Leading an economic impact analysis as part of a feasibility study for a major gas infrastructure project, which informed funding decisions for the project and helped attract foreign investment 

  • Leading a team to evaluate the economic implications of the construction and operation of a district hospital – the evaluation supported a successful application for government funding 

  • Collaborating with industry players to quantify and capture the economic and social impact of a horse racing industry – this provided a foundation for informed discussions on government strategies to promote the industry's growth and sustainability 

  • Reviewing the macro-economic forecasts used to estimate expected credit losses for banking clients – this contributed to a more accurate and reliable approach to assessing credit risks, and to greater confidence in financial reporting within the banking sector. 

Memory’s qualifications 

Memory has a postgraduate degree in Financial Modelling from the University of South Africa and a Bachelor’s degree in Statistics from the University of Pretoria.