Nicole Taylor

Finance Lead | Ārahi Tahua
Wellington office

Nicole is a highly skilled financial accountant who believes strongly in the value of finance staff partnering with other parts of the business to find ways to improve processes

A naturally empathetic colleague who cares about the people around her, Nicole knows how to work collaboratively to find ways to do things better. She is always looking for ways to be more efficient and to provide better information to decision makers.

Nicole loves tackling a knotty problem, but loves solving it even more, especially when this provides lessons that can lead to better processes. She has a genuinely strategic appreciation of the role of financial management and reporting in increasing productivity and effectiveness.

Although her work necessarily involves a lot of detail, Nicole always strives to keep things simple, including when communicating financial information to decision makers in the firm. Nicole knows how to make the insights she uncovers through her analysis meaningful for them.

Nicole has expertise across the finance spectrum. She began her career at Audit New Zealand and later moved to the BNZ. After that she supported many small and medium business, trusts, and charities as a contracting accountant. With that financial management experience in organisations large and small, Nicole brings a kete of valuable skills for a firm of MartinJenkins’ size.

Nicole has a Bachelor of Commerce and Management and is a Chartered Accountant.

In her spare time, Nicole runs and is learning te reo. She is a former Board member of Kaibosh Food Rescue.