Sharyn Jones

Consultant - Data Visualisation | Kaiwhiriwhiri Raraunga Ataata
Auckland Office

Sharyn draws on her multidisciplinary background spanning economic analysis, data modelling, advanced data analytics, and design, to produce simple, elegant data visualisations that reveal meaningful insights

Sharyn has many years’ experience communicating complex information and data to users who don’t themselves have analytical backgrounds. With her unique combination of skills in complex analytical modelling, auditing, design and communication, she has the whole data analysis spectrum covered.

Before she joined us in 2020, Sharyn’s most recent experience was with a cloud-based SaaS retail analytics platform, which drew on daily transactional data on shopper behaviour to provide clients with timely, relevant retail data insights. She trained retailers in how to use the product to engage with their customers and promote their business more effectively.

In that retail analytics role, Sharyn also developed a simple but powerful Power BI dashboard to report daily on success measures and use of the platform. She also designed and directed a knowledge base to document the product and support responses to user enquiries, and she tested and audited new product features.

Sharyn’s earlier consulting experience includes:

  • Designing and programming a linear algebra software model to simulate wholesale electricity market concepts, and delivering workshops to educate government and management about this market

  • Designing and building an electricity market model to help decision-makers explore options for investment

  • Auditing the New Zealand Scheduling Pricing and Dispatch (SPD) software for Transpower New Zealand, the Victorian (Australia) Gas Market and the Australian National Electricity Market

  • Developing economic models to be used to assess a major Asian electric utility company’s regulatory strategy, including detailed analyses of alternative forms of regulation

  • Collecting and analysing data on wholesale electricity price and demand from Norway, New Zealand, Australia and the UK.

Sharyn's qualifications

Sharyn has an MCom in Management Science from the University of Canterbury.