Arts & Culture

Arts and culture is a significant feature of New Zealand life. The sector makes a substantial economic contribution to towns, cities and regions by creating jobs, drawing tourism, and demonstrating the rich and diverse nature of New Zealand. The COVID-19 Cultural Recovery Programme Impacts Report 2021/22 identified $12.9 billion in GDP was generated by the arts and creative sector with a 10.6% increase from March 2021. The sector has a 98,820 total employment in March 2022, with an increase of 4.2% from March 2021. 

MartinJenkins has played key roles in developing an understanding of the importance of arts and culture to people, business and government across New Zealand, and also in articulating the different ways this importance is felt and experienced. We have also played a major role in creating the right environment for creative thinking and design in some of New Zealand's flagship organisations in this sector.

Our expertise

MartinJenkins has strong experience and expertise in the following areas:

  • Economic analysis – for example, to measure the impact of arts and culture

  • Evaluation and research

  • Policy development – analytical expertise, leadership and management

  • Process development – to ensure a consistent approach to creativity

  • Change management – we create a clear understanding of what is required of staff and leaders, by providing appropriate training and leadership interventions

  • Evaluation of policies and programmes.

Our clients

  • Museums

  • Industry associations

  • Funding agencies

  • Local councils

  • Central government departments.

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