Building & Housing

The building construction sector makes up 4.4% of the New Zealand economy and is an important enabler of wider economic activity. The sector accounts for around 55% of all investment in fixed capital formation in New Zealand and employs around 7.2% of the country’s workforce. Construction also contributes to activity in related sectors such as manufacturing, transport, property and business services.

The sector’s productivity and performance is vital to New Zealand’s economic performance and growth, to housing affordability and social wellbeing, and to the Christchurch rebuild. There is huge pressure on industry and those who regulate it to improve productivity and performance.

Our expertise

MartinJenkins has expert knowledge and broad experience gained over a long period advising central and local government and industry in relation to the sector and its operation and regulation. Our expertise and experience in the sector has included:

  • reviewing and advising on the design, operation and impacts of building regulation, housing markets regulation and related occupational regulatory systems

  • leading and critiquing policy proposals relating to the building and housing sector

  • thought leadership and support for the development and implementation of policies and initiatives to improve housing affordability and the provision of social housing

  • research and analysis to give a more informed picture of productivity and performance in the sector

  • evaluation of policies and programmes.

Our clients

  • Social housing providers

  • Central government departments and agencies

  • Local councils

  • Industry associations

  • Private businesses and corporations.

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