High-quality education equips all New Zealanders with the knowledge, skills and values to be successful citizens. Having a skilled workforce is also crucial to increasing economic growth and productivity. Education also has critical relevance for a wide range of public policy issues – for example, training and retraining are key levers for welfare reform, high-quality education drives social mobility, and international education is one of New Zealand’s most valuable service exports.

Our expertise

MartinJenkins has expert knowledge and broad experience advising central government, educational institutions and education sector bodies on issues related to educational performance, management and governance. This has included:

  • leading and critiquing education policy proposals for early childhood education, schools and tertiary education

  • research, analysis, evaluation and monitoring for education initiatives, institutions and performance, which we supported by economic analysis, financial modelling, and regulatory impact analysis and advice

  • reviewing and advising on the design, operation and impacts of education sector services, infrastructure and institutions, and their management and governance systems

  • thought leadership and support for the development and implementation of policies and initiatives to improve educational achievement

  • developing and delivering workforce strategy, human resource management and collective bargaining.

Our clients

  • Central government departments and agencies

  • Tertiary institutions

  • Schools

  • Industry and teacher associations.

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