New Zealand is relatively rich in energy resources. Renewable energy contributes 37% of our total primary energy supply, the third highest percentage in the world, while two thirds of our electricity is generated from renewable resources. New Zealand is around 85% percent self-sufficient in meeting its energy supply requirements.

Although energy-rich, New Zealand faces challenges in this sector. With demand often located at some distance from resources and electricity generation, we depend on good infrastructure for reliable supply. This is a complex, inter-dependent and dynamic industry that has continued to change and evolve rapidly, with market mechanisms being used increasingly to allocate resources. Given the importance of energy to the economy the Government will always have a keen interest in the industry’s performance.

Our expertise

MartinJenkins works with organisations in the energy sector to improve their performance, the performance of the industry as a whole, and the regulatory environment. Our skills and expertise include:

  • Sector knowledge – understanding and experience of upstream oil and gas, electricity generation, transmission and distribution, and natural resources

  • Industry analysis

  • Collaborative policy development and policy design

  • Regulatory frameworks analysis and advice

  • Public-sector ownership and governance arrangements

  • Developing and implementing strategy

  • Research, evaluation, monitoring and review

  • Organisational performance assessments and advice

  • Change management.

Our clients

  • Electricity generators

  • Electricity and gas transmission and distribution companies

  • Oil and gas exploration and production companies

  • Government

  • Regulators.

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