Blessed with an abundance of natural resources, New Zealanders live in a global environment of increasing demand for food, timber, oil, minerals and other resources that we are well-placed to produce. We are also exposed to natural hazards and increased risk from climate change. Our economic prosperity and future wellbeing is inextricably linked to how well we manage our natural resources and the related risks.

Steering the correct course between sometimes conflicting economic and environmental considerations is no easy task. For many years MartinJenkins has been helping organisations address some of New Zealand’s most complex and important natural resource management issues. Our approach is strategic, pragmatic, and focused on building win-win outcomes.

Our expertise

MartinJenkins has skills and expertise in:

  • Sector strategy – development, institutional design, leadership and oversight

  • Public policy and regulation – analytical expertise, leadership and support for major regulatory reviews and reforms

  • Economic analysis – cost-benefit analysis, economic modelling, regulatory impact analysis, and advice on economic development policy and implementation

  • Collaborative policy development and policy co-design

  • Research, evaluation, monitoring and review of regulatory and other interventions

  • Machinery of government – We understand the network of relationships between government departments, politicians and the legislature, and between government and private organisations, NGOs and communities.

Areas we have particular experience in

  • The Resource Management Act

  • The Building Act

  • The Exclusive Economic Zone

  • Freshwater management

  • Emissions trading.

Our clients

  • Primary industry groups

  • Corporations affected by regulatory policy settings

  • Central government agencies across the natural resource sector

  • Local government

  • Extractive industries – including mineral prospecting and mining, and oil and gas exploration and production.

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