The New Zealand health sector is both complex and large. It encompasses public and private-sector providers, central government agencies, former district health boards, primary healthcare organisations, and other local and national providers. 

MartinJenkins has a strong record of working with the health sector in New Zealand to improve service delivery, prioritise health spending, and support policy and organisational change to achieve better outcomes for New Zealanders. We understand the machinery of government in this area, including governance arrangements, organisational forms and funding settings across the health sector, and we also have first-hand experience of the complex stakeholder relations within the sector.

Our expertise

We have skills and expertise in:

  • Public policy analysis and advice

  • Financial and risk modelling for the health sector

  • Settings for primary healthcare policy and funding

  • Research, evaluation, monitoring and review

  • Employment relations and workforce planning

  • Organisational form and design

  • Workplace health and safety.

Our clients

  • Central government agencies

  • Former District health boards (DHBs)

  • Private healthcare providers and insurers

  • Medical colleges and associations.

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Project Examples