Insurance & Finance

Representing 7% of New Zealand’s GDP, the insurance and finance sectors provide the means for transacting labour, goods and services, for mobilising savings, for allocating capital funds, and for managing risk. Critical to the operation of these sectors and to New Zealanders’ confidence in them are the prudential, market-conduct, and other regulatory systems that underpin their operations.

MartinJenkins has a deep understanding of insurance and actuarial principles, including how they can be applied to public-policy areas such as social welfare and risk in the building and housing sectors. We also have considerable experience in the regulation of the insurance and finance sectors.

Our expertise

MartinJenkins’ experience and expertise includes:

  • Reviewing and advising on the management and performance of the ACC scheme

  • Analysis and advice on the impacts of insurance and other markets for economic and social outcomes

  • Economic modelling, cost-benefit analysis, regulatory impact analysis and decision support for policy and regulatory proposals

  • Thought leadership for applying insurance and actuarial principles to the delivery of welfare services, and policy support for applying investment principles to managing welfare services

  • Policy support for reviews of prudential and market-conduct regulation in the finance and insurance sectors

  • Advice on issues related to the operation of general insurance markets

  • The application of risk and insurance frameworks to reviews and policy proposals related to building regulation

  • Evaluation of policies and regulatory effectiveness.

Our clients

  • Government departments and Crown entities

  • Industry associations

  • Corporations.

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