A safe and just society is fundamental to New Zealand’s way of life. Striking the right balance between delivering effective and accessible services and doing this efficiently is an ongoing challenge for the New Zealand Police, the courts, the Department of Corrections, and other services and specialist functions like legal aid and combating serious fraud. Justice-sector organisations must do their work in the context of the Government’s goals for better outcomes, like reduced crime, and for the efficient use of Government spending on justice-sector services each year. MartinJenkins has advised agencies in the sector on the right mix of policies and spending priorities in a range of areas.

Our expertise

MartinJenkins has provided a range of services to the justice sector, drawing on expertise from across the firm. This includes:

  • Advising on sector strategy

  • Policy and evaluation

  • Reviewing the organisational design, management structures, and functions of justice-sector organisations

  • Designing and managing budget rounds

  • Advising on investment priorities

  • Leading major work programmes – for example, measures to stabilise the cost of the sector

  • Reform of the regulation of justice-sector professions

  • Preparing a better business case for modernisation of the courts

  • Employment relations and HR, including leading collective bargaining.

Our clients

  • Central government departments

  • Crown entities

  • NGOs.

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