Almost all aspects of our daily lives are regulated - from the food we eat for breakfast, to our experiences at work and the daily experiences of our children – from processes for developing and building land, to the management of natural resources and the conduct of markets and commerce. Regulations are designed and administered by over 20 government departments, 78 local authorities and a large number of Crown entities, professional bodies and other organisations. How well regulations are designed and administered is vitally important to our quality of life and our economic competiveness. Events such as the leaky building crisis and the whey milk protein scare are reminders of how much we rely on effective regulatory frameworks and of the social and economic costs of regulatory failures.

Our expertise

We have skills and experience in:

  • Working with industry and government to find fresh approaches to regulation that are better and more business-friendly

  • Advising on best-practice approaches to regulation

  • Leading reviews of regulatory frameworks and policies and how they are administered

  • Providing specialist economic and financial inputs to improve regulatory design and administration

  • Supporting implementation of regulatory policy

  • Assessing the costs and benefits and the economic, social and environmental impacts of different regulatory options

  • Evaluating and advising on the performance of regulatory frameworks and policies.

Our clients

  • Government departments

  • Crown entities

  • Local authorities

  • Private companies and corporate

  • Industry associations.

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