The freight and transport industry is a key part of the everyday functioning of the economy and of New Zealand life generally, and is vital to our connectedness with the rest of the world. How well the transport system functions is, therefore, critical to New Zealand’s wellbeing.

At MartinJenkins, we have a keen interest in helping ensure that the design and functioning of the transport system enables the operators within it to maximise their overall contribution to New Zealand. Reflecting this, we have a long history of working with key transport-sector agencies to help shape the way the sector functions.

Our expertise

  • Organisational and institutional design

  • Advice on the design and operation of regulatory frameworks

  • Productivity analysis of the transport sector

  • Advice on funding arrangements for transport-sector regulatory agencies

  • Advice on road tolling schemes

  • Evaluation of road safety initiatives and programmes.

Our clients

  • Central government agencies

  • Local government

  • Major transport operators

  • Industry associations.

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