Economic Development

MartinJenkins has unsurpassed experience in developing and reviewing economic strategies, policies and programmes at the national, regional and local level. Our advice improves the quality of interventions and investments made to enhance industry and economic growth.

Our expertise covers the entire spectrum of economic development services – from quantitative and qualitative research on the performance of industries and economies, to designing projects and programmes to support business and industry growth, to developing and reviewing economic strategies and implementation plans, to evaluating interventions and carrying out economic impact assessments.

All-of-Government provider: MartinJenkins is a registered provider of consultancy services in the All-of-Government (AoG) procurement scheme for Finance and Economics, and Assurance services - as of November 2015.

For a summary of our 'economic development' services provided under the AoG framework, click here.

Partnerships: MartinJenkins is a support partner to the Economic Development Agencies of New Zealand, and a LGNZ Preferred Partner.


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