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Business improvement

Service and operating model design

We can help you to understand better how your council needs to perform, to deliver efficiently and effectively on outcomes for your customers and stakeholders. We work with you to create operating models and service solutions for working smarter with your customers and optimising the cost effectiveness of your operation.
Our service and operating model design approach will also help you identify the most appropriate organisational arrangements to match changes you make to your operating model.

Continuous improvement

We can work with you to embed a culture of continuous improvement (CI) in the council – helping you to develop the framework, governance, and methodology best suited for achieving this.
We can also help expand a council’s CI capability through targeted and interactive training of your people. This allows continuous improvement to become the new way of working across the organisation, ensuring ongoing sustainable gains.

Process improvement

We can help your council become more effective and efficient through improving your core business processes. We deploy a customised improvement approach based on your expectations for the process, your desired outcomes, and our process design good practice. Through a collaborative approach, we map and improve your processes, taking into account relevant organisational arrangements that impact on the processes’ efficiency and effectiveness.
Staff will gain greater understanding of process design and process efficiency from being actively involved in the design process, which will contribute to ongoing improvement opportunities.