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Organisational design and advice

Diagnostic review

We can review a whole council, a team within the council, or a council-owned organisation and recommend practical ways to improve performance. We frequently help clients to review their efficiency and effectiveness, their management structures and roles, and their capability and capacity.

Organisational design

We can advise you on how to set up teams to carry out their specific functions efficiently and effectively, with the right operating model, culture, structure, capabilities and resourcing.

Change management

We have significant expertise in designing and managing change programmes for local government. Our change services can help you plan and manage the implementation of change in your council smoothly and successfully – to realise the benefits of change while respecting the legal and cultural environment.

Strategy and strategic planning

We can help design and facilitate your council’s strategic and business planning processes, and work with you to craft a clear and compelling set of plans. We also have experience in working collaboratively with council teams to pinpoint the opportunities to lift performance, develop clear objectives, identify the initiatives and investments required to create the shift, and plan these out into a sensible pathway for implementation.

We also have particular experience in developing regulatory strategy and principles that can be used to guide the focus of council regulatory activity.

Performance Frameworks

We can help you develop a performance framework that helps clarify your council’s direction and focus, and that provides key information for keeping track of progress. A good framework will provide a clear, coherent, integrated story about the council’s objectives and how you will know if they are being achieved.