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Economic development

Economic strategies and implementation plans

We can help you develop strategies for economic development that will make a difference, with goals and priorities that are relevant and realistic. We will also ensure you have a fit-for-purpose process for developing your strategy, and a framework for effective consultation with stakeholders.


We have experience in establishing and reviewing the performance of economic development agencies, and can advise on the most effective structures, governance and delivery arrangements.

Research on performance of industries and economies

We can assess the performance of districts and regions to identify major challenges and opportunities. We have a considerable track record analysing regional growth trends and identify the drivers of growth – including assessments of skills availability, infrastructure, natural resource demands, regulatory and business conditions, innovation performance, the visitor economy, and investment.

Programmes to support business and industry growth

We are experts in designing and reviewing business and industry growth schemes for regions. We can help you develop business cases for major economic development projects, and we can assist you in developing robust intervention logics for assistance schemes.

Our assessments of the economic contribution of regional initiatives can cover their direct, indirect and induced impacts, as well as the broader economic benefits.

Skill and labour analysis for regions and sectors

We are experienced in labour market analysis at both the regional and sector level, including forecasting growth in the demand and supply of skills. We also have expertise in developing and reviewing immigration and talent attraction strategies.

We work in partnership with Infometrics to ensure we have the best quality local and regional data.

MartinJenkins is a support partner to the Economic Development Agencies of New Zealand, and a LGNZ Preferred Partner.