Building regional growth - partnering with EDANZ

MartinJenkins is working closely with the Economic Development Agencies of New Zealand (EDANZ) to help the network build a stronger platform for regional economic development.

We have joined with EDANZ as a support partner, providing secretariat services and analytical support. In essence, it means we can make our experience and understanding available across the range of economic development agencies, and contribute to the development of an integrated approach to regional economic development across local and central government, iwi and business.

In the 17 August 2015 announcement of the partnership, EDANZ Chair Michael Bassett-Foss said the new partnership would give the organisation a more sustainable and nimble footing, allowing it to make a more effective contribution to regional economic growth for the benefit of the whole country.

EDANZ seeks to address the challenge of how to create the conditions for combined efforts on economic development that can return more to the nation as a whole. That involves a wide range of activity, including:

  • Building the understanding of the drivers of regional growth
  • Supporting the rollout of the regional growth studies programme
  • Supporting the implementation of regional economicp development strategies and plans
  • Improving regional bodies’ integration with national growth and investment initiatives
  • Identifying and promoting best practice in the field of economic development. 

The partnership is a good fit with our existing close relationships to councils and to Local Government New Zealand (LGNZ), and our ongoing work throughout the sector.

EDANZ background

EDANZ was established in 1998 to build best practice in economic development at local and regional level. Its new focus is on connectivity and integration across local stakeholders (eg council, economic and tourism agencies, iwi organisations and businesses), and on building relationships across central and local government. Its current membership of 31 agencies spans the country.

For more information see the EDANZ website.

The EDANZ media release is here:

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Our economic development service offering ranges from support for grassroots regional development initiatives and strategies through to assisting with development of key policies underpinning the government’s Economic Growth Agenda.

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