International Development

New Zealand’s contribution to development through multilateral agencies and its own bilateral programme is central to its standing in the international community. The New Zealand Aid Programme’s country-specific aid ranges from the Pacific to Afghanistan, while its contributions to regional programmes include Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa and the Mekong. 

Effective international development means steering a course between the unique circumstances of each country and the high-level principles and approaches adopted by agencies based on their experience as to what works. MartinJenkins’ work for New Zealand and international aid agencies has included advising on how New Zealand’s own government institutions and experiences can be applied to developing countries, as well as advising on and evaluating international aid programmes.

Our expertise

MartinJenkins has international development skills and expertise in:

  • Strategic evaluation – assessing the effectiveness of an agency’s strategic approach

  • Evaluating programmes and projects

  • Collaborative programme development and design

  • Policy development.

Areas we have particular experience in

  • Education

  • Tourism

  • Community leadership and development

  • Public-sector reform

  • Governance

  • Natural and cultural heritage.

Our clients

  • New Zealand government aid agencies

  • International aid and development agencies, both multilateral and bilateral

  • Development foundations.


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