Budget 2020 Analysis

Budget 2020 has been widely discussed since it was released on 14 May. The government committed up to $50 billion to progress economic recovery, of which $20 billion was uncommitted on Budget day.

Further announcements on the use of the remaining funding are expected in the lead up to the election. How well this spending is targeted toward initiatives that will transform the economy, and support businesses and individuals to recover from the economic impacts of COVID-19, is a key yardstick by which Budget 2020 will ultimately be judged.

Two of our Budget experts, Jason Webber and Nick Davis, examine the Budget in more detail including:

  • The government’s financial position leading into the economic and fiscal crisis

  • The outlook for fiscal deficits as government spending increases

  • The commitments that have already been made against the $50 billion COVID-19 response & recovery fund

  • Key questions around whether the spending will be used to support transformation in the economy as New Zealand recovers from COVID-19.

Our full analysis can be downloaded here (pdf).

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