Local Government

The sector is under significant pressure to improve services, to better manage and regulate the use of land and natural resources, and to maintain and strengthen physical and social infrastructure – all while operating with funding constraints.

MartinJenkins has a strong record of working with local government in the areas of economic development, sector strategy, governance, and organisational performance and change, in order to achieve better outcomes for cities and communities.

Our expertise

  • Service and system design – advising on better ways to deliver and manage services

  • Amalgamation proposals and shared services - advising on options and the associated costs and benefits

  • Economic development – strategy and policy development, economic modelling, cost-benefit analysis, implementation and monitoring

  • Financial and risk modelling – fees and revenue policies, cost-benefit analysis, and modelling of changes to services and networks

  • Environmental policy and regulation – advising on and assessing policy options, supporting policy design and implementation, and evaluating performance

  • Governance – council-controlled organisations (CCOs), service-delivery and asset-ownership models, and governance and decision-making structures for councils

  • Strategy and planning – leadership and support for the development and review of plans and strategies

  • Organisational design and performance – ensuring organisations are fit for purpose, aligning governance and management, and reviewing efficiency and effectiveness

  • Investment decisions and value-for-money assessments.

Our clients

  • District, city and regional councils

  • Council-controlled organisations

  • Economic development agencies

  • Central government agencies

  • Chambers of commerce

  • Sector and industry associations. 

MartinJenkins is a LGNZ Preferred Partner.

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