Ben Craven

Senior Consultant | Kaiwhiriwhiri Matua
Auckland office

Ben is an experienced adviser. He applies a strategic perspective to difficult problems, high-quality analysis and solutions for clients.

Ben Craven is an experienced policy professional and a proven strategic thinker. He has experience across a range of areas – including education and skills development, employment, national and regional economic development, and telecommunications.

Ben has an excellent analytical mind and is experienced in research. He is adept at applying different analytical frameworks, and at identifying and evaluating options to address complex issues.

He is a skilled problem solver who enjoys working with multiple stakeholders. He understands how to draw fully on stakeholders’ perspectives and expertise in order to develop robust analysis and advice for clients.

Ben understands the legislative and regulation-making processes. He has experience advising Ministers and supporting government and local government processes, including a period working in the Beehive.

Other examples of Ben’s work include:

  • leading analysis on the design of a jobs and training brokerage service to improve connections in the South Auckland labour market, in close collaboration with central and local government partners and the private sector

  • leading the preparation of portfolio briefing material for an incoming Minister 

  • providing policy support for a large cross-agency operational initiative – this included developing an intervention logic, preparing advice for Ministers, and advising on the operation of the overall programme

  • analysis of the impact of the interaction between labour market and housing market policy settings

  • analysis of economic, competition, technical and international impacts on a major radio spectrum allocation in New Zealand – including preparing advice to Government on allocation mechanisms and competition safeguards

  • developing a commercial renewal offer for mobile spectrum rights to a mobile network operator.

Ben's qualifications

Ben has a BA with First Class Honours in History from Victoria University.