Labour Market

Regional, national and global labour markets are the places where 2.3 million New Zealanders find paid work, where our businesses find the labour and skilled employees they need, and where wage rates essential to social wellbeing are set. The effective operation of these markets requires information to flow between employers and job seekers about wage rates, employment conditions, levels of competition, and the location of jobs. Because of the importance of labour markets to our social and economic wellbeing, successive governments have regulated their operations through legislation in areas such as employment, health and safety, and holidays.

MartinJenkins offers high-quality labour market analysis and practical advice. We draw on our wider skills and experience in leading labour-market reform and conducting economic analysis, and also on our sector-specific expertise in areas such as education, health and local government.

Our expertise

We have skills and expertise in:

  • Workplace drivers of productivity

  • Education, skills and training

  • Management and organisational capability

  • Employment and labour market policy

  • Health and safety policy

  • Evaluations and research on labour market issues

  • Immigration and the attraction of talent

  • Sector-specific analysis of labour supply and demand – for example, construction

  • Developing workforce strategies in alignment with broader business planning

  • Evaluation of regulatory intervention.


  • Central government departments and agencies

  • Tertiary education organisations

  • Trade unions and professional associations

  • Business and industry associations

  • District health boards

  • Large employers.

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