Our Strengths

Over the years, MartinJenkins has honed a robust set of strengths that describe the company’s approach to tasks and the useful traits that underpin its client reputation. The ability of our staff to believe in and consistently apply these strengths across projects produces a significant lift in performance. We call this cumulative value for clients the MartinJenkins Multiplier.

Our Ethos

  • Connected Knowledge

    MartinJenkins understands the intricate workings of government and markets. The network of relationships we have formed adds considerable value to projects involving both government and private enterprise.

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  • Fresh Perspectives

    At MartinJenkins we look for fresh ideas that push the boundaries of performance. We apply world best practice, adopting and adapting ideas that are capable of adding value for our clients.

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  • Implementable Results

    While most projects require us to master considerable detail, our end goal is to always provide our clients with a concise set of practical solutions that are implementable. When required, MartinJenkins go beyond recommending the solution to actively making it happen.

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  • Insightful Teamwork

    MartinJenkins’ team harnesses a substantial breadth and depth of experience and skills. We provide seamless, specific solutions for our clients. We can ‘mix and match’ the most suitable team to accommodate the scale and field of any given project.

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  • A Questioning Mindset

    At MartinJenkins, we don’t take things for granted. Our questioning starts right from the outset when we interrogate the brief. Are the questions the right ones? Is the scope correct? Will this produce the answers the client needs?

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  • Tailored Outcomes

    Every client situation is different, so every solution should be as well. Rather than turning out ‘cookie-cutter’ answers, we offer our clients well-reasoned, tailored solutions that answer their specific needs, now and in the future.

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  • Skilled Listening

    We gain a strong understanding of what is important to clients by making a practice of listening and observing carefully. This ensures that the processes we follow and the outcomes we produce are relevant to their needs.

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  • Agile Service

    We are a New Zealand owned company with the scale to confidently tackle complex projects but also the agility to rapidly respond to new ideas and changing operating environments.

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  • Turning Knowledge Into Performance

    MartinJenkins has energetic people with a deep understanding of public policy, markets and institutions. We apply this knowledge, together with our ideas and relationship building skills, to lift this country’s social, economic and organisational performance.

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