Emergency Services

Life is not a risk-free activity, and New Zealand is particularly prone to geological and other natural hazards. Our civil defence and emergency services play important roles in ensuring that New Zealand has the level of preparedness and the capacity for response and recovery that are necessary for the country to be socially and economically resilient. Central and local government agencies work alongside voluntary and charitable organisations in designing, funding, coordinating and delivering these essential services.

MartinJenkins has worked with many of the key players in the emergency services sector across a wide range of assignments – the common thread has been helping to ensure that the right capabilities are in place so that services can respond when they are needed most.

Our expertise

The broad range of services we provide to the emergency services sector include:

  • Applying design principles to provide advice on service delivery arrangements, organisational design and operational models

  • Advice on frameworks for assessing and managing risk

  • Governance advice

  • Reviews of funding levels and arrangements

  • Analysis of the efficiency and effectiveness of emergency services agencies (including value-for-money and resource/capability reviews)

  • HR and employment relations advice

  • Cost-benefit analysis

  • Developing business cases

  • Evaluation of risk-awareness, prevention and mitigation programmes and initiatives

  • Developing performance-monitoring frameworks.

Our clients

  • Central government departments and agencies

  • Government, community and voluntary sector service providers

  • Local councils

  • Insurance industry

  • Emergency services 

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