Stu Murphy

Senior Consultant | Kaiwhiriwhiri Matua
Wellington Office

Stu brings a unique mix of strategic thinking and operational experience in delivering public services, to help agencies develop and implement services that produce better outcomes for the people who use them

Stu is an experienced strategist and service designer. He also designs operating models that work for organisations that provide public services. He loves to lead and facilitate highly collaborative multi‑disciplinary teams to help public-sector agencies co-design, deliver, and continually improve their services.

Clients always appreciate Stu’s level-headed, inclusive approach to solving complicated problems, and his ability to work successfully in difficult, high-profile environments.

Stu joined MartinJenkins in 2022, coming from a consultancy firm in London. His experience in the UK and then here with us in Aotearoa has included extensive work across policy areas such as law enforcement and national security, justice and corrections, employment and skills, youth, health, and the environment.

Stu started his career working in drama and theatre programmes for adult male prisoners and for young people in the community at risk of offending. This kindled in him an enduring passion for public service and for tackling thorny social problems that affect the most marginalised in society.

Before becoming a consultant, Stu worked for one of the UK’s leading providers of outsourced public services. There he was responsible for developing and implementing a range of innovative programmes, including a national diabetes prevention programme.

Outside work Stu can usually be found on adventures with his family in the great outdoors around Aotearoa, riding a mountain bike (more slowly than he used to), seeking out new places to eat in Wellington, or immersing himself in a novel.

Examples of Stu’s work

  • Stu led an innovative policy co-design process with the Ministry for the Environment to identify a set of candidate pilots designed to support positive action on biodiversity. This included working with environmental NGOs, councils, private firms, and other agencies to review the existing initiatives and identify areas for improvement.

  • He supported the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment to implement Fair Pay Agreements, which included developing strategic principles to inform the system design and developing the high-level commencement plan.

  • He worked with Fire and Emergency New Zealand to redesign and optimise its key business-planning processes.

  • In the UK, Stu supported the Home Office with the organisational design, implementation, and continuous improvement of a new unit that provides critical national services to UK law enforcement organisations under the Investigatory Powers Act.

Stu’s qualifications

Stu has an MA in Applied Drama (with Distinction) from the University of Exeter, and a BA in English Studies from the University of Nottingham.