Blog: From the Exosphere

From the Exosphere is a platform for sharing thoughts from the team at MartinJenkins. The exosphere is the last layer of atmosphere before space, offering an unrivalled view of our blue planet and where we might go next.

Getting technology platforms over the line

Paul Clarke. Feb 20 2018
The New Zealand government rightly puts emphasis on proper business cases to justify major investments. But this doesn't always work well when realising opportunities presented by technology. By being smart, we can stop due process being a roadblock. Read More

design Thinking - Silver Bullet or white whale?

Nicola Halliday. Dec 18 2017
Design thinking has been propelled into the consciousness of many organisations and their people, eager to experience its healing properties. It's been exalted and applied liberally to all types of organisational problems - big and small, national and international. Read More


Pip Bowron. Oct 27 2017
A couple of weeks ago I had the good fortune to travel to Dunedin for the first time in far too many years. My perception of Dunedin has always been heavily centred on its architecture. The name Dunedin conjures images of big, courageous architecture. Read More

How New Zealand Is Reacting To The People Rush

Pip Bowron. Oct 11 2017
“Global mega-trend” is a term I first encountered when I started work at Wellington City Council in 2011. It struck me that it was a very impressive, important sounding term, but in my head, at the time, I quietly translated it to ‘stuff that happens all around the world’. Read More

Why Space Is Still The Place

Kevin Jenkins. Sep 27 2017
Space has suddenly become big in New Zealand. Rocket Lab is just one example of what is starting to look like exponential growth in commercial activity, research is following a similar path, and the Government is active in policy and regulation. Read More

Who says structure should follow strategy?

Richard Tait. Sep 6 2017
‘Structure follows strategy’ is one of those mantras trotted out every so often as a design principle for organisations. I heard it again recently in a piece of work where the client was grappling with the implications of shifting to more digitally oriented service delivery strategy. Read More

The breakthrough that will make you start digitising your processes right now

Kevin Jenkins. Aug 15 2017
In my 20s I led pay bargaining for public sector employers. We were moved around different industries and one group that had a certain mystique was mine managers. Read More

7 Reasons Why Electric Boats Will Be The Best In The World

Kevin Jenkins. Aug 4 2017
I believed Ratty in the Wind in the Willows when he told Mole that “there is nothing — absolutely nothing — half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats”. Read More

Modern Heritage and Other Oxymorons

Andrew Millar and Kevin Jenkins. Jul 28 2017
One of our university professors had almost all the attributes of a much-loved stereotypical ‘eccentric liberal arts academic’, including wind-blown hair, leather elbow patches and food stains on his tie. Read More

Music Moguls Making More Money

Kevin Jenkins. Jul 20 2017
I love how some PR person has come up with the notion of Xennials — the people in the cracks between the X Generation and Millennials — because I reckon I’m a Xoomer. Read More

The Augmented Reality of Live Sport

Kevin Jenkins. Jul 12 2017
Talk about being spoilt for choice. Over the last few weeks we’ve enjoyed watching the British and Irish Lions tour the country to take on the best of New Zealand. Read More