The Wealth Beneath our Feet: The Next Steps

MartinJenkins’ leading-edge economic analysis stands out in Venture Taranaki’s recent report on the oil and gas industry.

Our economic analysis is a critical part of The Wealth Beneath our Feet: The next steps, launched in March 2015.

This decisive report clearly demonstrates the benefits of oil and gas exploration and production in New Zealand. Its economic, employment, social and business impacts are far-reaching.

But equally and more critically the report shows how robust and expert economic analysis can vitally benefit all industry sectors in New Zealand.

Venture Taranaki Chief Executive Stuart Trundle says the report goes beyond qualitative analysis to measure ways in which the oil and gas industry in New Zealand makes a contribution to the nation.

“The report ultimately underscores that the resources most able to effect positive economic transformation are not those that lie deep beneath our feet, but the people who continue to apply leadership, innovation, and an entrepreneurial spirit to the industry,” Stuart says.

Insightful and robust analysis and modeling is a trade-mark feature of MartinJenkins’ expertise.

Our strong track record shows we are able to deliver high quality and relevant economic analysis to the New Zealand industry sector and government.

Other recent high-profile projects include the recently-released reports Bay of Plenty Regional Growth Study, The Tai Tokerau Northland Regional Growth Study, and A new path for the Chatham Islands.

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