Data Analytics

Data has been referred to as the ‘new oil’ or the ‘new gold’. In itself it is valuable but when it is transformed and integrated with other material, that’s when its potential begins to be reached.

Public sector organisations are dealing with expanding volumes of data and making sure the data held is robust and governed appropriately. They are grappling with the problem of legacy systems, and with the challenge of integrating data, whether across their own agency or across different agencies. There is a need to ensure high-quality evidence, data, and insights exist or are brought to light in a range of policy areas. This includes local government, tertiary education, environment, the health sector, mental health, child poverty, border security, infrastructure, and work to eliminate family and sexual violence.

Our expertise is in using data analytics as a means to an end: we identify, structure, interpret and analyse your data in context of other datasets from the broader environment to create insights that lead to better policy, to more accurate and useful evaluations, to better investment decisions, and to better responses to organisational or strategic problems.

We support our clients to use and apply data analytics by providing a full service across all parts of the data lifecycle, including to validate past decisions. We can help embed analytics and a data strategy into your decision-making so that your choices are genuinely grounded in data. We can make your analytical functions better, improve your data capability, and build better operating models for your data teams.

We apply our sound understanding of government, policy, and regulation, and of the very specific data challenges faced by the public and quasi-public sectors. You need consultants who understand that public-sector data is not just any data.

We also recognised that Māori data sovereignty and privacy obligations are opportunities for public and quasi-public organisations to mature their approach to data management.  

All-of-Government provider: MartinJenkins is a registered provider of consultancy services in the All-of-Government (AoG) procurement scheme for Policy, research and development and Finance and economics services – as of December 2016.

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