Frauke Kruse

Managing Principal | Pou Mātāmua
Wellington office

Frauke is a change management expert, specialising in organisational strategy, structure, and design and in operating models and processes. She focuses on the “people” side of making change stick

Frauke believes that change programmes come to life when the people involved share an overall vision of the project and its goals, and commit to that vision throughout the change life-cycle.

She focuses on reinforcing that commitment through empowering the key change actors and taking a participatory, user-centred approach to generating ideas. She enjoys working closely with her clients to develop innovative, forward-looking solutions to challenges.

Frauke’s experience includes organisational diagnostic work, structural design, and advice on change, and she has managed several large programmes. Frauke has worked across a range of sectors and industries, with a particular emphasis on central and local government and the not-for-profit sector.

Before joining us in 2018, Frauke worked for a leading consulting firm in Germany on various major assignments for government and NGO clients.

A true cosmopolitan, Frauke has lived and worked in eight different countries, and speaks four languages to varying degrees. Before finding her passion in consulting 10 years ago, Frauke worked in the UK, Finland, Austria, Luxemburg, and Germany in a variety of industries, from mining and quarrying to banking and trade.

Examples of projects where Frauke played a central role

  • Office of the Privacy Commissioner, new operating model and programme management for new Privacy Act – Frauke led a review of the OPC’s operating model, involving both internal and external stakeholders in identifying strategic objectives and opportunities for change in light of the new Act. Frauke worked closely with the client throughout the process, helping the OPC identify the functions, workflows, teams, and practices it needed in its new expanded role as New Zealand’s privacy regulator. The work concluded with developing an implementation blueprint and overseeing and supporting the projects establishing the new operating model.  

  • Consumer NZ, future operating model – Frauke led the design of a new operating model, including a high-level workflow and structure, to help Consumer NZ be a modern membership organisation that responds to the changing needs of its members and wider society. The new model allowed for new forms of engagement and political participation, with a greater focus on digital communication and publishing. It allowed also for the use of data and insights into consumer preferences to inform the organisation’s priorities.

  • WorkSafe NZ, enterprise target operating model (eTOM)Frauke helped the organisation develop a new eTOM that would support the organisation’s stewardship role across its regulatory system. She supported the project set-up, developed project plans and timelines, and facilitated various stakeholder meetings.

  • German trade union, organisational design – Frauke managed a two-year project for Germany’s Food, Beverages and Catering Union aimed at improving organisational design and service delivery. The project team focussed on a value chain analysis, service level analysis, and benchmarking against best practices, and designed new operating models based on that work.

  • Cologne city, change officer – Frauke acted as designated change officer for the reform of the Cologne city administration, which affected eight city departments and 19,000 employees over five years, and included roughly 150 projects a year.

Frauke’s qualifications

Frauke has studied in Germany, Austria, Portugal, and Brazil. She gained a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Economics from the University of Mannheim in Germany, and a Master’s degree (Hons) in Strategy, Innovation and Management Control from the University for Business and Economics in Vienna. (Her exchange semesters in Portugal and Brazil also gave her an appreciation for Fado music and Forró dancing.)

Frauke is a certified PRINCE2 project manager and PROSCI change management practitioner.