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Financial and economic advice

Business cases

We are expert at working with councils to develop clear and compelling cases for investment. We are experienced at applying the Better Business Case process within local government settings, to help you build effective business cases to support investment decision-making and secure resources.

Cost–benefit analysis

Sometimes the right decision is not obvious and the problem requires more systematic analysis so that options can be understood and compared. We have experts who can support your council’s decision-making with high quality financial and economic analysis and modelling.

Fees and charges

We have wide experience helping clients identify the best way of funding and pricing their activities, with particular expertise in helping councils set fees and charges. We combine our knowledge of the principles governing cost recovery in the public sector with robust cost analysis to provide funding and pricing solutions that contribute to organisational objectives and will withstand third-party scrutiny.

Efficiency & effectiveness reviews

We provide a range of review services, based on successful, well accepted frameworks, to help identify performance issues and their drivers, and to identify specific opportunities for improvement. Our considerable expertise in this area includes reviews under section 17A of the Local Government Act. We have completed efficiency and effectiveness reviews for a number of councils, as well as value-for-money reviews of programmes and services.

Financial modelling

We provide expert modelling of financial impacts of proposed changes – this provides robust data to support cost–benefit and risk analysis, decision-making about changes to services and networks, and changes to fees and charges.

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